Boost Testosterone through food items

Low Levels of T Hormone often seem as a problem that is not easy to solve but the truth is the way around. The issue can be resolved with safe and secure methods especially through food items.

Testosterone normally is created in testicles and it is often enough related to virility. However, it is not supposed to be necessary only for libido but it, in reality, the right levels of testosterone are necessary for both men and women because it can influence muscle mass, fat distribution in the body, strength and sustaining strong bones. Plus, a recent study has confirmed that people who have low levels of testosterone are highly at risk of getting painful rheumatoid arthritis in old age.

Low levels of this hormone in old age are nothing to surprise about but sometimes due to the certain conditions, this hormone can get imbalance even at a young age for instance: obesity, bad diet, stress and some other relatable factors can actually cause low levels of it.

Today, this article will be mainly focused on the food items that can be helpful in maintaining the adequate levels.

  1. Broccoli:

Broccoli is one of the cruciferous vegetables and just like any other cruciferous vegetables; it is great at decreasing the excessive levels of estrogen in your body, which implies the increase in testosterone levels.

According to a study, the diets those are rich in indole-3-carbinol  (a common component in cruciferous vegetables) raise the level of excretion of one of the most cardinal estrogen hormones(estradiol) in males by almost 50% (that is a  figure to consider).

Moreover, this vegetable has a tendency to improve your production of testosterone home plus it can fight back many dangerous cancers.

Hence, broccoli addition in your diet is overall a good idea!

  1. Garlic:

As per a study conducted at the Japan’s Kobe’s Women University has declared that when garlic is taken with a high protein diet then it has a tendency to stimulate the body to secrete a hormone that encourages the creation of testosterone.

Garlic can do this due to the presence of a chemical (Diallyl Sulfide).

Moreover, when garlic increases the levels of testosterone, simultaneously, it decreases the levels of cortisol (mainly responsible for causing stress). From heart disease, fungal infections, small wounds to diabetes, garlic can be a cure for all of them.

Bottom Line: Garlic is a spice with full of healthy values.

  1. Bananas:

Bananas have the enzyme (bromelain) which some researchers confirm that can increase libido in men.

They possess a high amount of different types of Vitamin B, for example, riboflavin that is considered good for the production of testosterone.

In addition to this, it is also one of the best sources of potassium that is a vital mineral for regulating the heart function and blood pressure.

 In short, Banana is good for your blood, for your heart and for libido.

  1. Eggs:

Eggs are jam packed with protein but the egg yolks (powerhouse) enrich in vitamin D.

In an authentic research, it has been proven that Low levels of Testosterone are likely to be linked with low levels of vitamin D and higher levels of estrogen in men. It is not normally the case. Despite the fact that vitamin D is supposed to help in the creation of testosterone, it is also believed that it (vitamin D) takes part in the process in which testosterone gets changed into estrogen in males.

In another study, it has been confirmed that when anyone, who has the deficiency of Vitamin D as well as Testosterone, is given vitamin D then the levels of T hormone rise up to 20 % in that person.

  1. Oysters:

Zinc is really good for increasing testosterone levels and oysters have a great deal of this mineral in them. They are also a good source for enhancing muscle growth and muscle endurance.

Bottom Line: oysters are a great food for bodybuilding and testosterone related issues.

  1. Brazil Nut:

Brazil nuts are good in magnesium that is good for testosterone as well.

There are two recent studies and their findings are as follow:

  1. The 1st study suggested that athletes, when were given 750mg magnesium on a day-to-day basis for almost a month’s time, get high levels of T hormone by 26 % and it is significantly a high number.
  2. The 2nd study (that was conducted in Italy) suggested that the aged testosterone deficient men were also deficient in magnesium as well.

Bottom Line: Brazil nut is good source of magnesium

  1. Testosterone increase via supplement:

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