How To Overcome Your Brain Fatigue While Enhancing Your Cognitive Abilities

What do you mean about the cognition and cognitive abilities ?

Cognition :

Cognition is referred as the ability of how a person understand the worlds or things and acts in it.

Cognitive abilities :

Cognitive abilities are the brain-based activities which we need to carry out from the simplest one to hardest one.

The mechanisms including how we learn, remember, solving the problem and pay the attention.

The perception, decision taking, motor skills, language skills, social skills all are includes in the cognitive abilities, these abilities are supported by the specific neuronal networks

The frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe, brain stem and cerebellum are the components located in the brain region are responsible for the cognitive functions .

Cognitive functions are directly linked to the endogenous factors such as mood and overall physical health.

The common Brain fog of Brain

The people observed the overwhelming tiredness  or fatigue which may affect you physically ,mentally or can seriously interfere with your tasks of daily life.

Types Of Brain Fatigue :

The primary fatigue is related to different neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis and Parkinson’s disease.

The secondary fatigue is involves in another factors such as the stress or worry  and deprivation of sleep.

How the brain fatigue interact with the different functions :

Fatigue can badly affect your mood, working memory, decision making, emotional state and concentration by lack the strength and motivation which can contribute in limiting the amount of activities. It affects the both neurological functions and general health.

How The Stress Effects Your Cognitive Function :

The stress can cause the health related concerns, it can affects your brain function by changing the structure of brain which can developed many kinds of mood disorders and other mental issues.

The stress can elevate the level of cortisol which contribute in lowering the cognitive functions.

It can kill the cells of brain by creates the free radicals or free oxygen in the brain which can increase your risk to developed a tumor or cancer.

It can change the neural networks in the brain and makes a chemical change in the brain region which makes you feel unpleasant and irritable.

Stress can distract or lower the production of neurons or can interfere with the neurogenesis

To Improve Your Cognitive Function By Cut Down The Stress , Delays Fatigue And Many Others :

Take Plenty Of Sleep :

To improve your cognitive function you should avoid the lack of sleep. Eight hours of  Uninterrupted  sleep will provide you the greater benefits for your brain and overall health.

Naps should also become a part of your daily life routine .A nap for a few hours can provide you the mental and physical energy for the whole day.

Avoid use of all electronic appliances which emitted the blue light before you go to bed for sleep because it increases your quality of sleep which reduces the brain fatigue .

Sleep controls or maintain your overall hormone rates and also helps to recover the muscles in your body. In short, sleep can act as the mini detox which can flourish the all toxins from your body.

Cut down stress :

Stress can be a killer and contribute to damage your brain cells in the brain region. Meditation, exercises and calming practice  is helping reduce stress. Work only 5 or 10 minutes will better your brain function. The deep breathing also helps to cut down on your stress and brain fog which help you to live a healthy life.

Get more Exercises :

Physical exercises or moderate exercises can improve your energy levels by enhance the supply of oxygen  towards  your brain, which will allow your body for the better work, process and other function. It also improves your sleep and as well as the overall health.

Exercises  increases  release of neurochemicals or hormones such as brain derived neurotrophic factor and Irisin which enhance the growth of new neurons through the process of  neurogenesis and improve brain connectivity by neuroplasticity and protect your brain cells from any demage.

A research  study showed that yoga ease the symptoms of fatigue and deprivation of sleep.

Eat Healthy :

Add fresh ingredients into your diet instead of the processed foods because they have the less nutritional value.

Pasta, vegetables, fruits and the whole grains are full of complex carbohydrates that provides the boost of energy ,the food that are with a small amount of protein will keep your energy for a long time period.

Add a diet which is rich in omega-3,fatty acids ,complex B vitamin and magnesium will help to reduce the brain fatigue.

Antioxidant Foods :

The antioxidant rich foods combat the increase level of free radicals or remove the toxins from your body and maintain the optimum health .

Incorporate A Brain Power Supplements Into Your Diet :

Incorporate a NooCube supplement in your diet consisting of powerful vitamins, amino acids and many others which enhance your brain function or Best cognitive enhancer function .It also enhance focus or concentration and improve your speed and memory.