Latest news has surfaced after the meltdown of Kanye West- the rapper, and surprisingly it is about Kim-Kanye relationship.

Kim-Kanye west

It seems like there is much more to hear about Kanye’s latest hospitalization incident.

As reported by US Weekly, Kim has allegedly asked Kanye to have a break because of their ongoing conflicts.

It is important to mention that the things between the couple turned sour soon after the Kim’s robbery incidence in Paris.

An insider wrote that she has left withdrawn after the traumatic robbery experience and is definitely reluctant to do things. And of course, all this have strained their relationship to an extent.


Kanye’s closer source has revealed that the rapper’s workaholic routine has worsened up the situation between the two.

He is restless all the time, moving back and forth, doing pushups, drawing, sketching and definitely not going to bed. All this has added fuel to the fire and eventually, Kim has demanded for a break.

She did this because it was impossible staying together with him.

Kim was hard to predict this time, as she refused to support Kanye with any of his moves.

kim asked to take break


In spite of the differences between the two, Kim has been immensely supportive throughout the hospitalization phase of Kanye.

However, it was noticed that the reality star was keeping their children North and Saint away from him.

Sources reported that she was too worried about the kids being near to Kanye.

Surprisingly, children were nowhere to be seen in the hospital till the end.


Kim and Kanye were amongst the most famous and talked about couples.

Though Kanye has always been the outspoken one, they appeared to be balanced.

However, during his bad times that led him to meltdown, things started to get tensed up between the two. His narcissistic behavior and boastful attitude drove his wife away from him.

And this time, Kim did not offer any form of support to him.

Kim, on the other hand, was facing trouble to cope up with the flashbacks and nightmares of the traumatic robbery she went through in Paris.

When she sought her husband’s support during her hard time, there wasn’t any at all.

Rather, he was looking for the support for his disturbed mental state from her, but unfortunately, things took a dark turn.

This was a big let-down for Kim, who wanted the rapper to be stable and provide her comfort and not the other way around. It might be totally heart breaking to read this but there is a lot more than this!


On November 21st, Kim was heading towards NY for the Angel Ball, which was supposedly her first public appearance after that horrifying robbery incidence.

Right before leaving, she told Kanye that she did not want to talk to him, because of his recent actions.

It is alleged that she demanded a break from their marriage, the very right moment. Now that sounds alarming!

kanye west


Sources have reported that Kim left everything and rushed to Kanye when she heard the news of his disturbed mental condition.

She even missed her father’s tribute because of his health.

So how does Kim feel now? Well, she is relieved that he is getting the much needed help now.

In fact, that’s what really required, to save him as well as their marriage!

Kanye was kept under medical supervision in UCLA Medical Center where he was treated for sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

Irrespective of various reports claiming his disturbed mental state, there hasn’t been any concrete evidence depicting any metal illness or whatsoever.

Kim’s constant support and love for her husband changed the direction of their divorce allegations.

Now this is totally surprising. Kim, is it difficult for you to stick to your decision once and for all?


Now let’s just evaluate the situation rationally and consider the other side of the story as well.

So, is the story about the alleged split up was just another publicity stunt or the couple was actually going through the rough patch.

This might sound mean but what else can we expect from a reality show star?

But, with the passage of time, the news about their break subsided and Kim’s third pregnancy news emerged on the headlines.

Well, Kim-Kanye surely knows how to keep their fans hooked up with them every time!

source: The Celebrity News Blog